About Us & Welcome

Hi, thanks for coming to my website. It is a long way from being finished but I am now in the process of building up the site, and while many of my products at present are not shown, each week we will be rebuilding a category at at a time. Meanwhile some of my products are available on eBay, but all my customers know, I supply a full price list and contact details. This almost certainly will give you a cheaper option than eBay and I am only too pleased to discuss any requirements that may already be available or in future production. With anybody that phones on 07714 765 122, where I am more than willing to discuss with you your product requirements.

While the website deals with a lot of Hornby Dublo add on products there are many more stand alone items available. Have a look, discuss and hopefully, buy!! I thank all my past present and future customers who are rapidly turning this from a hobby gone mad to a future business. For past, present and future business, I look forward to dealing successfully with your enquiries.

All the best

Richard H