Product Description

I have produced a small range of missing pieces: windows, doors and downpipes, to make up the holes in some of my original buildings.  I have since gone on to produce a small range of difficult to obtain and “never was” items

You are buying one field of dry stone walling, Pack A.  Creates a field of approximately 380mm x 220mm with two gateways, which must be used on opposite sides.  The gates are cast in white metal.  Each section of walling is linked with a step join to disguise any unnatural straight line and also allows an easier deviation from the straight.  Some cleaning of the jointing and other parts may be required to achieve a snug fit.  Supplied unpainted.  Can be rearranged to create other features other than a rectangular field.  The painted walling illustration is to show what can be created and was painted with a simple technique using a three colour scheme of black undercoat, dark grey heavy wash and a lighter grey light wash to highlight.  All pieces are available separately with other speciality walls that allow creation of an extended wall line to ad infinitum.

To clarify, the unpainted resin illustration shows the contents of the pack.  The painted illustration is a suggestion for colouring.

Cast in resin, ready for painting in your chosen colour.